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Participate Remotely in #AMICALNET Rome with @jimgroom & me – Fri May 13


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Friday May 13 – the day I go to Rome, hoping to build Rome in a day with Jim Groom 🙂 whom I will inshallah meet for the first time and collaborate with on 3 things (bad things happen in 3s but good things happen in 3s as well!!! I hope)

Note: I’m writing this post ahead of time and it *should* self-publish sometime tomorrow morning. 

9:30am Jim Groom Keynote: Small is Beautiful (livestreamed)

If you’re seeing this and are interested in watching Jim Groom’s keynote, you can ask questions virtually on Twitter using #amicalnet or via YouTube comments

11am Virtually Connecting with Jim Groom and me (livestreamed – Tweet @vconnecting to join)

12:20pm Session “Does Ed Tech Have an Ethos?” (livestreamed – Jim & me)

These are the slides we are using, and we’ve scheduled tweets to invite folks to participate via #amicalnet hashtag but you can also add comments on the Google slides if you like


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