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The cool thing about autonomous learners…

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I am in the middle of co-facilitating a workshop at my uni about blended learning… Which we are doing in a blended format (of course!)

Early on, my co-facilitator and I discussed options for a community space outside the Learning Management System (Bb) and agreed to give participants the choice of which option to use. So we brought the idea up the first day then lay low.

What I love is that they brought it up again on their own, been discussing it on email, and just sent out a survey polling everyone on their preferred space!

I love autonomous learners who build their own momentum and send out surveys in the wee hours of the morning 🙂

This is not surprising at all, since the workshop participants are themselves educators, but it’s still cool to be part of this emerging group of blended learning pioneers at AUC 🙂

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