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Discomfort with Deschooling

It’s week 5 of #moocmooc, and we’re reading Illich. I shouldn’t be uncomfortable with deschooling. After all

An Open Letter to Beloved Oppressors #moocmooc

Dear Beloved Oppressor, This is an “I love you, but…” letter. Let’s start with the premise that you ar

Changes to my Edu Game Design module this semester

I need to update my syllabus for this Spring. I am tagging this #moocmooc as well because I am trying to think of agency as we

Another reason to go to #et4online – meet @gardnercampbell

This is another post in my series of reasons to go to the #et4online conference this year. Gardner Campbell will be a plenary

Hiding Emotion behind Numbers

I saw this beautiful animated gif in a zeega Terry Elliott did and it moved me. So much. I loved the symbolism of it and how w

Offline and Online Connected Learning

On Monday January 26, 3-4:45pm Cairo time, Maha Abdel Moneim and I will be facilitating a workshop at Nile TESOL (so audience

The Question of Education: Context, Scale, Binaries & Generalizations

I’ve been wanting to respond to Dave Cormier’s posts on the problem of education. I love that he’s taking th

The Truth about MOOCs (and err Learning in general)…

The truth about MOOCs is, you can’t know for certain, in advance, how good of a learning experience it’s going to

Reflecting on Papert, Palmer and Freire

I’ve been reading several books in parallel these days (I haven’t managed to read a non-fiction book in a linear m

People in my #fedwikihappening neighborhood are showing me the world as I’d like to see it

The title of this post is inspired by a blogpost by Alyson Indrunas (the title of which is actually inspired by a comment I wr