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Hiding Emotion behind Numbers


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I saw this beautiful animated gif in a zeega Terry Elliott did and it moved me. So much.

I loved the symbolism of it and how we could reinterpret it to mean so many things. Wow, i would love to show it to my students and see what they come up with.

My first thought is how we might be hiding love behind the numbers. Or how we needed to get rid of parts of the numbers so that the love could shine through

My main thought behind it related to qualitative vs quantitative research (yes, coz i’m writing and reading about it a lot, i see it everywhere) and how it symbolically shows how you might bury emotion behind numbers. How using all the numbers would hide the emotions and you need to get rid of the numbers to show the love/feelings.

A funny way of interpreting it would be to think of how we sometimes covet those facebook “likes” and twitter follower numbers, but our real need is to feel loved 🙂 ok, that’s a bit extreme, but you know 🙂

It also reminded me of something. When i wrote my #digiwrimo post on Writing to Connect, they (Jesse and Sean and Chris, i guess?) chose an image that was basically the word love, written like using light on a dark background in a garden. I remember thinking that was such a weird choice, like i’d written a romance novel or something not very serious, and was mildly embarrassed. But then, what it really was, was insight from the hybridped folks that my article was talking about a lot of things, and behind all of them, was love that i shared with my online friends. Sure, I ask directly in the article if we can love someone online, but they noticed that my whole article was really about that 🙂


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