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Who’s Standing on Your Cape?

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Yesterday, a lovely package arrived from Catherine Cronin, in which there were many lovely things for my daughter and me, including the poem (in a book) by Sarah Kay called B.

I tweeted out this line: “when u step out of the phone booth and try to fly, and the very people you want to save are the ones standing on your cape” Sarah Kay

And then I sent it to two people…

Then this Twitter convo ensued… based on Terry Greene talking about stepping on his own cape…

And now I’m thinking… maybe I’m stepping on my own cape as well… maybe I’m the person who’s in my own way most of the time…

Wow. What an exercise for self-reflection… in what ways might each of us be standing on our own capes, or like Hoda said later, tripping over it.

 Sometimes we give ourselves a goal and put on our superhero capes. And yet the people we want to save stand in our way. But maybe we’ve got it all wrong. Maybe we’re standing on our own capes or tripping over them. Maybe we should not be donning capes at all, and instead working in other ways to fix things. Perhaps the cape would make you fly so high you would lose touch with those you’re supposed to be working with (not for). Perhaps we are standing in our own way by creating unnecessary capes…

So I’m just thinking about this and how it’s useful to reflect on what may be standing in our way to meet our goal – is it someone else or is it our own selves or our approach? Or is it the arrogance of donning a cape in the first place?


2 thoughts on “Who’s Standing on Your Cape?

  1. Funny that you say “maybe I’m stepping on my own cape as well… maybe I’m the person who’s in my own way most of the time…” because is it a reflection I have been having lately too … yesterday I was thinking about “what is stopping me from doing what I want to do” … it was the thought that helped me make the decision to create shouldiblog – the idea that the only thing stopping me was me … I just think it is interesting that we had similar thoughts at about the same time and we haven’t talked in AGES!

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