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What Can You Drink with Me?

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I’m this really annoying person when it comes to drinks.

So, obviously, as a practicing Muslim, I don’t drink alcohol, but it doesn’t stop at that. I don’t like sitting near anyone drinking alcohol or anywhere alcohol is served. I know, really difficult to do in the West (even in Egypt, really). It’s partly a religious thing (that we are advised to stay away) but partly a personal aversion. I know lots of people (including Muslims) who drink and they are beloved friends and respected colleagues. I just don’t wanna sit with them while they drink. It might be I am spoit from being raised in Kuwait where alcohol was illegal so I managed quite a bif chunk of my life living that way.

So I really truly appreciate friends (like Rebecca and others) who promise outright not to drink in my presence (I know it’s an imposition) and who make efforts to ask people not to drink on camera during vconnecting sessions. It’s really thoughtful.

I also like it when ppl realize they can’t say they’d like to have a beer with me…and instead suggest we have tea or coffee together. That’s way cooler with me.

Except… Uh… I am not a coffee person or a tea person. I will drink them occasionally (especially iced) and of course happily sit with people while they drink them.

So what would we drink if we sat together? I like fruits and dairy, so let’s go for a lemonade or orange juice or a smoothie ๐Ÿ™‚

And if you’re watching your calories, we could just drink water together. It’s the togetherness that counts

8 thoughts on “What Can You Drink with Me?

  1. When you were in Texas, did you ever have a chance to drink Mexican aguas frescas? They’re basically fruit juice, water, and sugar. Delicious! I make agua de sandia at home: mostly watermelon juice, with juice from 3 or 4 small limes, a bit of sugar, & chia seeds.

    I don’t know of any analogue in cultures outside of the Americas, though it stands to reason that there might be similar drinks elsewhere, especially in tropical regions.

    1. Hi Michael, no I didn’t try that. In Egypt and Kuwait we had alcohol-free (virgin) Margaritas and Piรฑa Coladas. In Houston ppl were like, “how can u do an alcohol-free margarita?” (or did i get this wrong? It’s a sour lemony lime tasting drink).
      Anyway – umm isn’t a lot of juice made with fruits n water? In Egypt we do that with most fruits other than oranges…

  2. Another thing I thought of: what alcohol is for you, meat is for me. I especially appreciate it when my friends take the time to bring or prepare vegetarian items for social events. I also prefer not to be part of conversations about eating meat – e.g., how delicious particular meat dishes are.

    The culinary arts teacher at my school is my friend, and I once – thinking that her professional expertise would make this topic of interest to her – talked for a few minutes about my experience with homebrewing beer. It was only after the conversation that I realized that my friend is Mormon, and thus probably as uninterested in hearing about beermaking as I am in hearing about how tender and succulent baby-back ribs may be. Because, as this anecdote shows, I have a tendency to lack tact myself, I try to have patience with folks who extol the virtues of meat-eating – but I also greatly appreciate it when people refrain from those conversations!

    1. Very very interesting insight, Michael. Refraining from meat convos should be easy for me coz I am semi-vegetarian and fully octo-lacto-pesce vegetarian when in a non-Muslim country to avoid non-halal meat. My husband keeps forgetting. So yday i kept trying to explain to him why i could not finish Hoda’s chicken and he had forgotten. 10 years of marriage, of which almost 2 were spent in US/UK and still….sigh

  3. I don’t drink either — so it won’t be a problem when we finally meet up! At conferences, I’m always the one drinking apple juice or ginger ale …

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