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Virtual Open Office Space

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So this may sound a little crazy…but while it is often difficult to be productive in my actual physical office because of all the socializing that goes on (which I absolutely love and cannot live without).. When I work from home, I am almost sharing virtual office space with some people. As in DMing, Slacking or FB PMing while I work.

Sounds like I am defeating the whole purpose of working from home, right?

Actually no. I have a need for socialization. I just need it not to interfere with certain work at certain times. With virtual open office space, no one will think it’s rude if u don’t look them in the eye as you finish that paragraph. No one will get mad at you for responding after 15 or 30 mins. It’s a semi-synchronous heaven.

Thanks Rebecca, Autumm and Alex for being part of my virtual semi-synchronous open office space this week 😉 You helped me feel less lonely while being productive 🙂

3 thoughts on “Virtual Open Office Space

  1. I love Virtual Open Office Space … 🙂 and I agree, I love how we can just “turn off” the text for 10-15 minutes (or an hour) or whatever, finish that paragraph and then jump right back into the conversation … that semi-synchronicity is what I think makes it so valuable 🙂
    And as someone that exclusively works from home, I crave it …

  2. Something here… about falling into the drudgery of it all… and then finding escape from that drudgery with affinity. To find inspiration, aspiration, … to dream… and then reach… for something more.

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