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Myself on Kindle

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Loved today’s #ds106 daily create but i kinda hacked it. Not really, tho

The challenge was to create my own books self-portrait (which i took to mean, using my books to represent my personality or some such thing)

I didn’t have time to take photos and edit, etc., but also, most of my current reading is on Kindle anyway… For mobility, and night reading in the dark, and to avoid getting pages torn out by my three-year-old.

So here was my version:

And i think this might be a cool activity to try with my students one day, though Egyptian youth are notorious for being non-readers, so i might ask them to do it using their fave music or some other thing…hmm, maybe even show em this, and let em choose what collection of thing they’d like to use… Maybe fave movies, fave clothes, anything…

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