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My Time

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That hour

Early in the morning

Right before dawn

Just me and God and darkness

And then just me and myself

Before anyone wakes up

This is my time

Before chaos and demands

Before the clock speeds up

That hour in the car

On my way to work

When I can read

Or write

Or chat

This is my time

That quiet hour at work

Before anyone else arrives

The hour of tranquility

This is my time

Those moments

I spend

With kindred souls

Looking into each other’s eyes

Touching each other’s hands

And hearts

Telling each other

I feel you

I see you

I hear you

This is our time

Those 15 minutes at home

Alone, waiting for them to come up

A moment of peace

Before the storm

This is my time

That moment I awaken

In the middle of the night

And find energy

To read

Or write

Or think

Or watch

When no one

Is looking over my shoulder

Or controlling what I do

This is my time!

This is my time…

And I will defend it

Because it’s mine

All mine

And every single moment

Of my time

Outside those moments

I will not waste

I will not waste any more


This is my time

All of it

It’s my time

To spend with those I love

To give and to receive

On my own time

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