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Swiss Cheese Analogy for COVID-19 – Rumi Cheese Analogy for Inclusive Education

I recently came across this wonderful interactive Swiss Cheese Analogy for COVID-19 protections on the BBC site (here is a sti

Walking: Why Drive When You Can Walk?

“No need to drive if you want your place on earth to be a world you can encompass walking.” (bell hooks, Belonging

Pedagogy of Care – Caring for Teachers 

“Committed acts of caring let all students know that the purpose of education is not to dominate, or prepare them to be domi

Students Talk to Me About Webcams

This post is co-authored with students in my CORE 2096 Spring 2021 class. I suggested we do not tie each quote with each stude

Noticing Gender & Race, Age 9

I just tweeted this: I once got kicked out of class for passing notes with the other smartest kid in class. I was so proud, be

On Proctoring & Internalized Oppression #AgainstSurveillance

I’ve been having a lot of private conversations around proctoring and surveillance, and we’ve been having a lot of

Inviting Feedback on My Invited Talks, Keynotes & Workshops

Hi there! Another year, another set of invited talks for me to prepare (I love doing these, not at all complaining, especially

Beauty Where No One Expects It

My daughter teaches and inspires me every day. I noticed that she writes on the drawstrings of her school uniform – she

Experiment: Journaling Delights

I’ve written before about how my daughter and I have been discussing our gratitude every night, and how oral gratitude j

Join the Joyride! Free Unconference March 19th & My Unkeynote

I’ve gotten out of an old habit of blogging ahead of my keynotes. I think it just comes from being privileged enough to


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