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Four Things My Kid Said About Me

Last night, my kid asked me to say three things that describe her, and we decided I would say three good things (I said four)

I Have To…

I have to rise So you can’t bury me I have to shout So you can’t silence me I have to shine So you can’t dul

Why New Amsterdam Isn’t Democratic Caring

Recently, my collaborator on equity/care, Mia Zamora, left me a message on how Equity is an outcome, while care is a process.

Pedagogy of Care – Caring for Teachers 

“Committed acts of caring let all students know that the purpose of education is not to dominate, or prepare them to be domi

Pandemic Perspective and Tragic Optimism

Yesterday, in a talk by the wonderful Mays Imad on healing, hope and recovery, and I was inspired by several things. The one I

Noticing Gender & Race, Age 9

I just tweeted this: I once got kicked out of class for passing notes with the other smartest kid in class. I was so proud, be

Experiment: Journaling Delights

I’ve written before about how my daughter and I have been discussing our gratitude every night, and how oral gratitude j

I’ll Be Here for Me

This poem is inspired by an Inclusive Coaching workshop I’ve been taking this week, and thoughts about self-care. I conc

Imposter syndrome in 3 minutes 

This is a personal story I wrote as homework for a workshop I’m taking this week, and I need to present it next time. I

Week of Hidden Achievements (Home Work)

Let this week go down in history as the same week that I Managed to present calmly for 10 minutes while my kid and her dad fou