On the Ethics of Using AI in Survey Responses

I wanted to reflect on the ethics of using AI in survey responses. I was recently analyzing a survey where about 1% of the res

How Will Our Imagination Be Affected by AI? Musings

“Imagination is the central formative agency in human society. . . . It’s because we can imagine different futures that we

What Double Faults Remind Us About Learning

I love watching tennis, though I’ve never played tennis. What fascinates me the most is how often professional tennis pl

What Can We Refuse in AI?

I wrote this post to reflect on my own practices and philosophies of what I feel I must refuse, and what I feel I cannot refus

Intenionally Adapting for Accessibility: Drawing with Students Who are Visually Impaired (QuickDraw)

What happens when you have a valuable but very very visual activity and you have people in the room who are blind? (I say blin

Teachers Are Human Beings, Too (a grading time post)

I don’t know if students realize how stressful grading time is for faculty. Even for someone like me, who uses ungrading

What Matters (in Palestine)

We have to keep reminding ourselves about what truly matters in the situation in Palestine and who are the people furthest fro

AI Sandwich in context

This post is an adaptation of something I wrote in a mailing list in response to Jon Ippolito’s “AI Sandwich”

New Post & Resources on Critical AI Literacy

If you’ve been following this blog, you know I’ve written about critical AI literacy, and as I’ve keynoted,

On Being Brave Enough to Be Bad while Learning Crochet

Everyone needs to hear this:"Be brave enough to be bad at something new." @JonAcuff https://t.co/M93kYS8hqQI try to