Oh yes! Let’s set up a task force charged with setting up a master committee to monitor the work of all committees at the institution and to compile all the handbooks and rules into one big online resource… that no one will ever view, except other committees at other institutions studying how peers deal with committees and task forces. And so it goes, and goes, and goes. And as silly as the whole thing sounds, there is lots of complicity all around. Faculty blame administrators or staff for the silliness. But then faculty members vote to form committees to draft mandates for the setting up of task forces to explore faculty concerns and perspectives about X policy or Y practice. It’s endemic in academe. And it’s very hard for anyone to use a common-sensical “no!” on this pervasive pathology.

Maha, I think that this makes at least *three* of us who have some empathy and understanding. Maybe you are *not* really all alone in feeling this way. šŸ™‚