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As a game, the goal would be to re-establish the order of things to a former arrangement. For instance women back to a subservient position in society. The weakness of this assumption is it relies on a reality distorted both by time and a bias meant to sustain the notion that this was how things actually were. Did people at the time of this golden moment of orderliness actually consent to this arrangement of power?

Another gambit is to “persuade” people already part-way into change that they have misinterpreted the intentions of of the thought leaders they themselves reference. Best way to do this is to imply a deeper scholarship through quotations assembled, preferably, out of context. Mostly, the idea trolling is to present a logic that can’t be penetrated or pinned down. It’s a dream world of nostalgia for arrangements no longer viable so the ultimate weapon is to create confusion.

This is an interesting paper and an exercise in the importance of critical thinking:
Searching for Safety Online: Managing “Trolling” in a Feminist Forum

Simon, I keep seeing the term: “Not From Concentrate” on containers of citrus juices. Do you suppose that indicates an anti-intellectual bias in fruit mongering?