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To #YogaMOOC or not to #YogaMOOC

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I woke up this morning thinking: I’m not ok. My fuse is short lately, and I wake up every day deciding I won’t lose my temper today (I haven’t yet, this particular day) but I found myself more mindful of the kinds of things that build up in the first few hours of my day that I need to work not to lose my temper over…and i realize why eventually, I do lose my temper.

I came across #YogaMOOC by coincidence yday. I remembered how I had so much trauma during my pregnancy (country in revolution, dad having accident, husband hospitalized, bleeding due my pregnancy, dad passing) and yet I was really unexpectedly calm throughout most of it. Possibly the pregnancy hormones. But I also had a daily 20-30 minute yoga ritual (before pregnancy I exercised regularly for about 2 years at the gym and at home – these yoga moves I got from iTunes videos). I’m doing neither of these things right now..and I’m really stressed at work and at home, even though nothing really by itself warrants this amount of stress.

So maybe I’ll give this yoga MOOC a try. It’s offered via University of Texas at Arlington and as with all their MOOCs I have tried, you can do the EdX route (yuck, not for me) or you can do it your way (blogging etc). So here goes. I’m not sure I have the stamina or time for a MOOC, but if this one helps my wellbeing any, it might just be worth it! Let’s see! About a year ago Jim Groom and I were joking about virtually meditating… This might just be it 🙂 two weeks ago, Maren Deepwell was joking about vconnecting via interpretive dance if mics don’t work…so, really, why not yoga MOOC?

2 thoughts on “To #YogaMOOC or not to #YogaMOOC

  1. Sending hugs! But thinking hey, maybe I will join you with this Yoga MOOC thing because I could use it too. I’m still in the throws of dissertation writing. Things that should make my happy and excited aren’t, so definitely need to do something … so let’s yoga MOOC together 🙂

    1. Let’s! I was actually thinking of you as I discovered the MOOC and wondering if you might be interested! Now I’m more excited to do it 🙂

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