This jumps around a bit.

Maha, think it was Nancy White who spoke of being a “social artist” as the artistry of reaching people amid the craziness online. Should read more about it before commenting, (except I never do). You have roles and responsibilities to maintain Maha and still are willing to display a complexity that I find a characteristic of women that men seem unable to access. I don’t want that carried out into a male / female comparison list though you do have that quality of bravery that creative women I’ve known can’t hesitate to display. My sense is that bravery comes from the Father as a representative of the world in many cultures. Having grown up among strong females I felt there was a sense of hesitation in them to abandon the wisdom of surviving without force. I think men seldom even consider wiser methods so maybe I should not name it “bravery”? Though in women it seem brave to push. (I’m uncertain here). As if the unplanned world was no place for them to play and to be irresponsible was an abandonment of female duty. The risk of being ungraceful is hard to allow in yourself and creates little to no conflict in men as it does in women. Who ironically are tasked to endure the clumsiness of men and children as part of their their role as reluctant Goddess of well folded napkins and shrinking sensibilities. Being a complication to others might mean you will never fully understand yourself. Does that sound right?