Maha, I wonder if the poem is written to be commented on? I often find people commenting on things I say when I didn’t want comments. An oddity that occurs in the space between the private personal and open expression? By “complete” I mean the expression of emotion in the poem needs no further illustration to complete the picture.

I’ve been told by all sorts of people important to me that holding to regrets prevents healing and growth yet it seems a small duty to pay for a reminder of my imperfection. Father / child relationships are very difficult, I have no resolution 30 years after my Father’s sudden death. Strangely, from the other side as a person whose been faced with potential death a number of times, saying goodby to my Daughters and Wife has left me struck dumb. When I’ve tried tried to form the words there were none. Later, of course words appear but they aren’t the words that express that moment.

Your feelings for your Dad might be so big and important that they won’t resolve into an ending.