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Inside info on the open web: From 0 to 3 MOOCs

Just about 3 days ago, I was saying I didn’t have any MOOCs planned for Jan/Feb and i’ve suddenly gone from Zero to three (yeah kind of like the way kids grow too fast?) MOOC-like things to look forward to in Dec/Jan.

It’s kinda strange tho coz none of them have been openly announced, so I’ll have to wait til each is announced so i can blog about them more.

This MOOC obsession I have is really much less weird than it seems.

I have always sought professional development opportunities wherever I could find them. Meeting my supervisor at Sheffield? I would look up nearby conferences and free workshops on campus and plan my travel dates around that.

Spending a year w my husband in Norwich? Joined two book clubs, attended several lectures at nearby UEA

Not traveling? I kept finding free or low cost online learning opportunities and local f2f ones.

Twitter and MOOC-like things help sort of structure my professional development and provide a community of people to learn with, which is awesome.

When I was finishing my PhD i was wondering how I would inspire myself to keep reading and learning. I shouldn’t have worried too much. MOOCs help, as does being a peer reviewer for several journals (I love this because it helps one remain critical – since the objective is to read the article with a critical eye, when sometimes you just read things and take them in – am I the only one who feels doing peer review is a learning tool in itself?)

And blogging helps me keep it all organized. All those crazy connections in my head between what I do f2f and in all my different online endeavors.

So yeah – 3 MOOCy things coming up soon. And some serious conference peer reviewing and prep for local conference. Should keep me busy after grades are submitted later this month.

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