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Hi Laura, i am sorry you feel unwelcome from the tone of this thread but i love your example of women in labor lashing out from anger and pain
First – i know Scott is coming from a place of deep pain w experiences w health care. You know my parents and husband are doctors. I know he is not talking about them because they aren’t the kind of doctor or medical professional he is lashing out about. Unfortunately not all medical professionals are caring ppl just like there are caring and careless teachers

Equally there are good and bad quantitative researchers. Unfortunately those who are dogmatic about quantifying learning (and this is not you or ppl who use mixed methods or ppl like Justin Reich who writes about limitations of data analytics even while he does them) are often those who influence policy and are gatekeepers to which knowledge gets accepted and heard

We are coming from a place where we constantly have to defend autoethnography as a valid mode of social research when we see a lot of poorly designed quantitative stuff getting published easily

It’s a place of pain of being oppressed kind of for rebelling and challenging the status quo

And i am sorry it comes out as silencing you. But everything you said here is well taken and generalizations we make are exactly the opposite of what we are trying to do.

I seriously take all your points – and i really need to write the “i love math” post. But the issue with misuse of stats to represent human experience as the exclusive form of studying it (and this is not you!) can be hegemonic and almost always silences voices or experiences of minorities and glosses over context. I need to write more concretely about this so i am not making sweeping statements. Thanks for writing this comment. Hugs