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Sometimes Open Matters #OpenEdMOOC

Estimated reading time: 1 minute, 33 seconds

Open matters

Because some of us live inside these walls

Locked inside 

And we don’t have the key

Open matters

Because some of us keep hitting our heads on those ceilings 

We never signed up for

And we can’t see beyond 

Open matters

Because you can have vision 

Even if you can’t see

Open matters


For those who face walls

For those with no keys

For those with no eyes to see

No voices to speak

No choices to seek

Open matters

Because sometimes it’s the only thing we have

The only thing we have to give

And you ask me what open looks like

And I can’t tell you

But it’s inside my heart

And you ask me why open matters

And I can’t tell you

Because sometimes I see nothing else

Nowhere else to go

But open

Because every other road

Is walls

And doors

And ceilings

And sometimes open is what matters

Because open is the only way to breathe

Sometimes open matters

Because open is the only way to be


Above is an emotional reaction I got after watching a couple of videos from the #OpenEdMOOC. I had forgotten about this MOOC for some reason until Autumm blogged and then Ken blogged… And then I realized I should give this a go. Two of the big men of open made a MOOC, about open, it better be good. I like the conversational style of the videos I saw…but I had this emotional reaction (also partly triggered by the beautiful protoype digital narrative games my students are thinking of and which I was reading just before Ken’s post) and I thought I should write it immediately…so there it is. I may write a more straightforward post later šŸ˜‰ or I might not šŸ™‚

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