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Hi Rob. Thanks and I will connect on Twitter and would love to collaborate w someone who understands this better than I! I am not relying solely on Grundy for interpretation of Habermas. It’s various interpretations including Carr and Kemmis and others. It was basically that I never set out to find Habermas or Foucault anywhere. But I would be reading my curriculum theory or my research paradigms stuff and I keep coming across them. So since lots of what I came across seemed consistent, I figured that’s how educators applied Habermas (which need not be exactly how Habermas intended it, and I understand is very partial). I remember about the Foucault/Habermas debate thing. I should read about it again. What I did seem to remember is that Habermas as a critical theorist wasn’t into postmodern approaches (I know it’s not one thing which makes it harder to identify but my understanding of the general sensibility, I think, is in that direction of thought? I can’t know for sure!)

Anyway – gonna tweet you now. And be warned my resistance to reading difficult texts 😉 my undergraduate was in Computer Science!