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Double Duty Slides: Copyright & Fair Use #CCCert

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I decided to create these slides and have them do double-duty. They are an assignment for the Creative Commons course I’m taking, for unit 2, but I can also use them in my class this semester to introduce Copyright and fair use, before we go into Creative Commons. I have never been fully successful at getting AUC students to absorb the concepts of copyright (They’re slightly better with plagiarism because more professors mention it, but not really by that much, because I think confuses them about attribution and paraphrasing … as a technical thing rather than an ethical thing). I don’t have time to make my slides pretty for now, but I’ve got the basic text there and that’s what matters for now… I’ll spruce it up later inshallah 🙂 My class doesn’t start til end of January.

In any case… here are my slides, open for comment. There are several open questions there that I don’t answer in the slides, because for my class context, they will be open for class discussion without necessarily one definitive answer. There’s also mention of a story which is difficult to write but easier to tell in person. But I tried to expand on the basic details of all the things that the assignment for CC required me to cover.

Special thanks to Kamel Belhamel (from October CC cohort) and Helen DeWaard (from July cohort) whose previous assignments I looked at for inspiration before creating my own slides.

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