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When you don’t say a thing…


With gratitude to all my US friends (and strangers) who are showing solidarity with Muslims these days…and a message to those who remain silent… (I also published Salam for Helplessness today).

(sing the below to the music of When You Say Nothing at All)

It’s a shame what you can do

To put a knife through my heart

By not saying a word

You bring on the dark

Try as I May

I could never explain

How it hurts

When you don’t say a thing

The smile on your face

Lets me know you can’t feel me

There’s a blankness in your eyes

Saying you have deceived me

When I can’t find your hand

Who will catch me

The moment I fall?

Yeah you’ve said it all

When you said nothing at all


  1. Of all the words I know, Maha, I can find none. My hope is that one day we can meet and have strong, sweet coffee and laughter together. If not here…there.

  2. Maha, it is a shame that some people are being silent. The open voice for excluding others has become too loud and widespread here in North America and needs to be rejected. First though I think our beloved Muslim friends need to know they won’t be left to deal with this cruel mess on their own.

    As a side note, I’m having trouble communicating with my American friends. Every shock from the new president makes me want to categorize the whole country as a lost cause and walk smugly away. I need to imagine ways to be supportive and not leave them alone to the disaster they didn’t make. Any ideas?

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