Yes, I need to blog more and get more of me out there. I have 21 blog posts in draft mode now waiting. I think it is time for me to get that down to about 5 (my email goal is about 20 maximum or I start to freak out).

I identify with most of these above Maha, thanks for writing them down. Each of us gets something different from reading you and we all know “different Mahas”. You are the sum of all of them and I get what you mean about being different in person than we are online. I think that is natural, part of our identity.

Frankly I am often scared of meeting some of you in person thinking it won’t meet our expectations of each other or something. I won’t let that stand in the way though since I have some of the best conversations with people over a meal so I definitely will never turn down those opportunities to meet in person.

Yes, I’m totally stressed about meeting so many online friends in person at #OpenEd16. I think there are only two there that I have me before (Tannis and Alan). #yikes.