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Real Friends do Twitter Parties :)


I’m gonna write a better response soon… but for now… I wanted to Storify all my beautiful birthday wishes from my Twitter friends. Thanks Alan and Autumm for the awesome idea – and thanks to everyone who spread the word and took the time to do this. Somehow, this Twitter birthday feels so much more real than the facebook birthday wishes because I know it’s a human being who reminded you (other than Alan’s Google calendar) and not the automatic facebook one 🙂 Thanks to all who took the time to make it special. I was sooooo touched this morning 🙂 So I storified it


  1. You are truly loved! Happy Birthday again! It sure is more special to have the orchestrated birthday wishes than a Facebook reminded one. xxxTania

  2. You so deserve your Twitter party. You love us all so much. I hope today you saw how much we all love you xx

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