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Quick thought on #engageMOOC


I’ve heard #engageMOOC will stay live for a year.. But in case I want to keep using it in my classes, I’m gonna ask my students to point out to me and each other.. And vote… On which readings and videos and activities resonated with them most and why. And what kinds of things they wish there was more of… And hopefully next year if there’s no access to #engageMOOC itself, those would be readings in the pool of readings – or perhaps in a year, a more up-to-date reading list that is either by same authors or same topics or same type of topic.

For example. Last year, I divided Mike Caulfield’ s book Web Literacy for Students among 4 groups to read and present. This semester the engagemooc reading kinda does this more succinctly and we can spend more time practicing the four moves. Just one idea..


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