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My #eddies14 nominations incl #edcontexts & #tvsz

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So just sharing me #eddies14 nominations (you can, too, here):

Gotta be quick so screenshots, not text here. Decisions were VERY difficult to make! I realized i started my blog like Dec 27 or something last yr so i don’t qualify πŸ˜‰ but i (ahem) like my blog more than one that’s been nominated a lot, so… Hehe πŸ˜‰

That invalid url on the screenshot (which i corrected later) is #rhizo14

I hope enough people will consider nominating for group blog and/or new blog and that some ppl might consider #tvsz good use of social media… But i know if large numbers of ppl r nominating, more famous places will win.

Still πŸ™‚ I struggled with most influential blogpost. Thought of many in #rhizo14 and #ccourses esp by Simon Ensor and Terry Elliott and Susan Watson and one by Mimi Ito but couldn’t pick one! Maybe i will vote once the nominations are in!



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