Maha, Count me in as one of the 2 people who understand (or tried to) what this post is about. I am currently analyzing data from 20 universities about how they support international graduate students, and I was reading your post in that context of trying to figure out how and why people want to care, where informal support mechanisms work better than formal ones, and so on — and I often want to theorize everything as “honest chaos” (that’s my favorite phrase of the week). I guess people develop processes and rules to try to make sense of chaos but that is how things make sense to them, how things are organized and streamlined for them, how things become easier (less work, less time/money) for them; if they forget other parties, they’re setting up another dysfunctional system. Worse, if they set up a system that they want “others” to run, systems to avoid responsibility — just hoping/wanting their power to “make” them do what they need/want — that’s not only honest chaos but dishonest mess. Anyways, you just shared a lot of thought-provoking ideas.