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How to Make 4 Invited Talks in 2 weeks


Ok, so I am sure many high profile speakers do this all the time. But it was more than usual for me. I’m not counting workshops on campus and such. I’m just counting invited talks. Two were here in Cairo and two were online conferences.

Two were about open education type topics, one was about virtual exchange, and one was about academic scholarship crossing borders.

I usually would create a totally new presentation each time… but given the tight timeframe and the very different audiences, I thought that might not be completely necessary. Plus, I got good feedback on some particular slides, and almost all my presentations will always center social justice, and also try to give multiple perspectives on the same thing (I am so anti grand narratives by nature in my scholarship).

So I mean my presentations had different topics and foci, but I reused some of the more powerful visuals and quotes. Not always with the exact same message, but to help build the argument. I often was inspired by something new I just read or heard, so there was enough of a last minute twist that made each session unique anyway.

I really enjoyed them all. You can find the slides and some of the recordings below but also on my keynotes page.

Bali, M. (2019, November 21). Invited panelist at SpotOn19 Conference, e-JUST Smart Village campus, Cairo, Egypt. slides at: I also was a spontaneous panelist speaking about Open Access when someone else canceled!

Bali, M. (2019, November 19). How do we design our learning spaces for intentionally equitable hospitality. OLC Accelerate Online International Summit [keynote panelist, online conference]. Slides at: Recording

Bali, M. (2019, November 15). Intentions & Realities of Social Justice in OEP. [Invited panelist in panel title the journey towards social justice and openness in ODL]. European Distance Learning week [online conference]. Slides at: Recording.

Bali, M. (2019, November 13). Why virtual exchange matters. Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange National Information Day. Cairo University , Cairo, Egypt. Slides at:

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