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Not really Simon. You’re focusing on the intellectual pursuit, i am talking about something completely different

A European man was mansplaining me about colonialism/coloniality

The man was aggressive in doing so and referring to an actual real life event which he knows nothing about and which happened to me

I tried to engage him in conversation and explain it was not so. And he kept pushing back. He even later called me anti-intellectual

Other white men in the group found his behavior unacceptable. And when they called him out on his approach you supported him and called them bullies

That’s not allyship and it’s not an acceptable form of discourse. Imho

If you still don’t see it, I can do nothing but shrug and tell you you’re much better at talking the talk 🙂 which all of us are, to be honest…but sometimes you’re given a chance to walk it and you instead walk away