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Wow, don’t even know how to comment on your posts, Maha. You have a knack for bouncing around in a seemingly light manner while covering so many serious things, and in this case, terrible things. I did not know. At a time when our conversations (in Australia) are focusing on the fact that, as parents, we have restricted our children’s independence because we have (apparently) overreacted to ‘stranger danger’ – in real life (as well as online), you are living the opposite with the fear of unsafe school-bus travel. And is the school ban of students with mental or psychological illnesses something new and unexpected? I have to admit not knowing very much about life in Egypt. Maha, you’ve very clearly demonstrated that there is a huge difference between bad and very very bad in different contexts. It’s like the Zoom book where you think you know where you are and suddenly you are transported deeper in or out, and you’re like Woah! let me get my bearings.