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It’s been awhile since I commented on your blog, Maha. Congratulations btw! What an honor and I think it’s awesome you are blogging about your keynote creation. That’s true open pedagogy, IMHO:) Let me share some thoughts on #2 and #3–I struggle with this perspective too when I speak these days. I often share the stage (so to speak) with really smart folks who have way more experience with everything I’m doing. Imposter syndrome daily! I’m hyper-aware that there are people who know a lot more than me, but I also know I have something to offer to at least someone in the audience. I feel like if I can either empower somebody or invite him/her to ask questions, then I’m doing a good job. As for the policy folks, they need to hear teachers like you. One more thought on #4–you can take a moment and scan the room with your eyes and people will feel like you are looking at them. I bet you already do that as a teacher. If you can be there in person, then why not have an informal space to “hang out with Maha” after the keynote? I bet the conference organizers could create that space and the folks who want more Maha then they can sit in a circle with you post-keynote. Those are often the best small sessions. You’re going rock!