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Airplane Mode


So this title is kind of double-meaning like 🙂

I was trying to focus on something yesterday on my iPad, but I kept getting interrupted by tweets, Slack notifications and facebook notifications. I coild have ignored them, or turned off wifi, or turned on airplane mode. But I didn’t, because pretty soon I will have to turn on airplane mode and I won’t have a choice on the plane, or know how good my internet will be for a good week or so. I have turned on roaming internet/data on my phone (very limited) and hotel should have wifi (not free I think) and anyway I will have family with me so I dont think I will be able to spend a lot of time online anyway. Getting FOMO on my virtual life, which is ridiculous…especially that last time i went to England to defend my thesis I stayed active on email and Twittee and everything… It was a good trip, if you ignore the rude security ppl at the airport who checked me over by actually putting their hands inside my pants (this really happened and the only reason i didnt make a big deal of it is that something funny happened afterwards in which we got away with taking liquids on the plane coz they thought my daughter was younger than she was and let it pass).

Anyways – looking forward to some medical checkups for my girl, fun with family, and then meeting my good friends and more at #altc. Check out the virtually connecting schedule here!

I have so many feelings about this trip and other things going on that I can’t write publicly about yet so have been too overwhelmed to actually blog!

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