Reflecting Allowed

Hack or “just” #remixthediss ?

This post is inspired by two live events scheduled today Oct 10: a #digped chat at 3pm EST and a live discussion between Cathy

A reason to go to #et4online 2015 – meet @BonStewart

The Call for Proposals for #et4online has just opened up (open til Dec 1), and I’ve decided to write a series of posts o

The “learner’s why” vs the “teacher’s why”

It suddenly struck me that we’ve been focusing a whole lot on the teacher’s “why” during #ccourses, an

Why not ask “why not”?

Do you know that story about the philosophy exam where there was just one question: “Why?” – and the student

Ingredients of Me

I just found out about this cool thing (though I’m sure someone else has done something like it in front of me, maybe in

Game Ideas: Liquefy syllabus, alliteration poem, song-story

I got two three cool ideas for games I might use with my students this semester. I teach the last 1/3 of a module on creativit

Connected: the cool, the critical, and the caring in #edtech

I’d been running away from ed tech for years. Because I moved into education from a computer science background, and our

Four finds today: goals, whys, Ubuntu & purpose

I’ve had an extremely inspiring day on the web today* and I just needed to write and share these inspiring thoughts, wil

Five things I will take with me from #clmooc

Well, there are soooo many things I looooved about clmooc. So many, and yet I never “properly” engaged with it*

Images in context

I have been thinking about this week’s #clmooc 5-image story. Feel free to ignore the text in italics, they’re tan


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