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Q&A About Research in the Social Sciences

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I’ve been guest facilitating (on and off..more off than on..) this online free course on Research Writing in the Social Sciences offered by INASP. Andy Nobes invited me (all AuthorAID mentors, I think) and I sometimes login and answer questions but it was getting difficult to commit, so Andy did this amazingly helpful thing. He curated some questions and then had a hangout interview with me to answer the ones I said I could answer well.

So here is the video

And here are the questions covered in it, in case it’s any use for you. In the course, he cut up the answers so it’s easier for someone to open each question with its answers. But perhaps the full video is useful to some folks also.

  • How can I avoid plagiarism? (one of the most common questions asked on all our courses seems to be ‘where can I find a free plagiarism checker?’, rather than ‘how can I cite and paraphrase correctly’)
  • How can I find an appropriate journal? (where to search, quality, prestige, suitability etc.)
  • Do you have any tips on collaborative writing?
  • What tips do you have for writing in academic English? (especially for ESL researchers)
  • How can I cut down on the number of words in my paper? i.e. how can I wrote in simple English?
  • What does it mean to write in active voice? (as opposed to passive voice)
  • What online resources and tools would you recommend for researchers/authors?
  • How often do you write? How can I motivate myself to write?
  • When would you use qualitative or quantitative methods? Does population size matter?

This last one I loved answering. Enjoy!

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