Hi in answer to Rebecca, it is impossible to answer whether ‘this activity is learning’ because that entirely depends on a moment, an individual, of connections being made, all of which are unlinear, context dependent, chaotic. Nothing is ‘just goofing off’ or ‘just serious’ in itself. ‘Is it something that should be taken seriously’ well that really depends on ones point of view. I would suggest that much apparently ‘serious research’ should not be taken seriously.

I am quite ok with an apparently serious article looking at issues of
Methodology of research
Methodology of representation of data
Authorship – identity – ethical issues
Power issues – voice – volume – appropriation – time
Participation issues
(Rhizomatic) learning
Genre – poetic – musical – zeegal – marginal etc
Performance -front-back stage


It should not be too difficult to extract such themes ethically and to report on them.