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Words of wisdom from @sensor63 & @cogdog

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Sometimes someone writes something so quotable and you don’t have a full reflective blogpost to write about it, not yet. So instead of keeping these quotes in my drafts, I’m just publishing them, and I know i’ll be using them again soon!

Simon Ensor writes (note: this might be linking to wrong blogpost but i am almost at work and wanna publish this before my early morning meeting):

I am amused how little this is thanks to me, I am just an instrument of my senses, my imagination.

The more that I write, that I capture, the more I find echoes of others, of others’ visions, caught in this net of narrative.

I am confetti, we are confetti, it is hardly clear where I start and the others end and vice versa.

Alan Levine writes:

Practice, practice, practice. I told someone today that the only way to be comfortable in the online space as spending time being in the online space, that no one makes a home made pizza by staring at the oven.

Gotta get the hands in the dough.

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