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U know u really know someone when…

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You know you really know someone when someone else misunderstands something they’ve written/said, and you are able to confidently reinterpret it so it fits with what you know of the person… And turn out to be right 🙂

Now, isn’t it amazing when this happens online? That you feel you know someone enough to do that? Someone you got close to, but have only really known for a few months?

This just happened to me. I’ll reflect a bit more on it later. I wonder if actually we might know more about some online friends coz we interact w so much text?

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  1. YES, this is something I experience all the time. The person we get to know online might be different in all kinds of ways than the person we would know face to face, but the online person is ABSOLUTELY a person, and you gain a deeper and deeper sense of that online person as you interact, just as you gain a deeper and deeper sense of someone face to face as you interact with them more. Not the same, not better or worse – just different… but comparable.
    Since I teach online and conduct my whole professional life online, getting to know people online is important to me, and it’s important that people should get to know me too.
    I should write up a post about the etymology of person too. It is a very intriguing word: the Latin word “persona” means a MASK. And, of course, we are all masks, all the way down… some of us have just a few masks, some of us have lots, some of us have had the same mask for many years, sometimes we are changing masks all the time.
    It’s not simple. It’s… life! 🙂
    Latin PERSONA:
    The word meant mask to start with, but since masks were identifiable character types, the Romans also started to use the word much as we do, to refer to a character, a personality … a person.

    1. Hey Laura 🙂 amazing, we think a lot alike 🙂 i have an older post called “multiple me” (probably a poem) that u reminded me of when u talked about masks. I think we also evolve. I guess some ppl go thru traumatic events that change em fundamentally, but small things like parenting (ok, not SMALL, but COMMON) changes you a lot. Then again, you’re also same person. Hmmm waiting for ur etymology post 🙂

      1. That mystery of how much remains and how much of us really does change (both through big events, but also the accumulation of day by day by day by day) is something to ponder! And of course as a parent you get to watch little children “becoming” themselves, another one of the great mysteries! 🙂

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