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Twitter Scavenger Hunt Spring 2016 – April 4


I’ve done Twitter Scavenger hunts several times now. I do them as a way to get students to play on Twitter, discover a game that’s quite different from what they normally do, and to give students a small glimpse of global collaboration – which they can then try to make use of when they blog ideas for their games (and possibly get feedback from others). I usually used to run this later in the day when some US folks would have been awake… but this time around I’m running it at 10am my time so students probably won’t get synchronous responses except from folks in Arab world and Europe… so I sent out some tweets and many folks responded and retweeted… and I think there will be some asynchronous stuff going on as well… Maybe beyond the Twitter scavenger hunt and later on (e.g. I would love to have my students annotate on with Remi Holden’s students – these are their readings).

For now…

Here’s the handout – scroll to read the full thing (I may keep updating some of the activities)

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