It would take a full time staff of 20 to produce all your stories of connection, Maha. Or one blog, as you do.

The video matters to me and it does not. It matters because much of our connection is textual, and there is something truly personal about hearing the sounds of each others voices. Yes, we can do more know with hangouts and Skype, but the storytelling voice goes to the place where we are raw humans not just academics and tech geeks. It’s really the voice I like, not even the video.

But it does not matter as much as the act of just reflecting on them in writing. I did not see Laura’s post. I did not know the full reach of the Ingredients thing. I knew of some of the connection with Michael, but did not know of the gift thing. And the point is not having to know them all, but knowing they are out there, and sometimes I will just haphazardly stumble into them. The excitement is that complete unexpectedness of these happenings, and heck, in times and places of worry, I just like a bit of celebration.

So its possible we never get to meet in person (that will be sad). But without this medium we never would have known of each others existence, how the heck w/o the internet would I get to know an educator in Cairo? Just using the word “amazing” there is an ginormous understatement. But that we know something of each others lives, struggles, joys, shared publicly and privately, well that is the stuff of life for me.

The video really does not matter. Maybe that trips people up, the ask for a video. And if you want, I can do what I did the first time, we can set up a hangout or skype and I can make the video.

The stories surpass surmount supersede the videos.