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Hi Mark, your hint about the Europeans using Latin in medical (and other) sciences made me wonder now. Sometimes in Arabic, when people try to come up with terms for scientific terminologies, those Arabic terms happen to be already used in the day to day life to describe other things. This kind of collision is a source of confusion. Some lexiconists (not sure if this is the correct term) try to go for old unused Arabic terms to minimize such confusion, but don’t you think Arabic needs its own Latin too. Find another language that has genealogical relation to Arab, and borrow terms for it for the new scientific terminologies we encounter? But on the other hand, this may look like re-inventing the wheel, and someone may think, why don’t we just arabize the existing English terms, by just using them as they are in the Arabic context, or just make minimal phonetic changes to make them suitable for Arabic text? I am a bit confused between the two options, or maybe I just need some coffee now 🙂