Thanks for this, Mark. Yes, I know the problem is not new, but maybe my shame in it has been getting stronger in the past 5 years or so, and my advocacy for changing education to try to improve it (particularly in the predominantly English-language, Western-knowledge-reproducing AUC where I have influence). But I agree with you. I do think, though, that agreement on terms helps make our discussions more succinct? You’ll see in my response to Tarek how I also feel the translated terminologies obfuscate and confuse someone not familiar with them – they sound more “jargony” than their English counterparts… I think a lay audience might understand “lifelong learning” better than the Arabic equivalent. Though in hindsight, I should do as you suggest: speak plainly about issues of social reproduction, access, indoctrination, explaining what I mean without using terminologies. In plain colloquial Arabic. It may not sound too “impressive”, but it will be understood. I was not going to be too impressive anyway, so I might as well be at least understood 🙂 Thanks for this!