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Agreed ya Tarek. Someone on facebook suggested we all start using wikipedia more, editing it until we have translations for terms that we like…having an influence there. But now reading your post I think I know what the problem is: the translations of those terms (Western constructs, not just terms, I guess) makes no sense to someone who does not know the English versions of the words!!! And they make little sense to those of us who DO know the English – i.e. to use the term, it is generally more understandable to more people to use English for the term. Some translations like for lifelong learning kind of makes sense to anyone, but also the connotations of what we mean by it are not familiar to someone who has never heard it before… And in Arabic, fewer people will have heard it before. Do you think trying to read more will solve my problem? I tried to read Arabic academic texts while working on my PhD but gave up because I found myself stopping to translate each term to English! Such a shame 🙁