Thank you for sharing this! I have always been impressed by Ramadan and the values it embraces and expresses.

Have you followed the story around the Algerian football team’s observance of Ramadan? Unfortunately, the media coverage in the English-language media seems to have devolved into a tempest in a teacup, but I thought that the question of whether or not the players would observe Ramadan created a thought-provoking situation. I don’t know whether any players did in fact observe the fast, and I was a bit worried for the players’ safety if they were fasting – but I thought that a decision to observe a spiritual practice at the risk of success in a football game would be extremely admirable.

I’m not expressing myself well, but I think this part of a related conversation about competing, and the nature of winning or success. To my mind, the winners in this case would be the Muslim players who follow their conscience, regardless of the result on the field.