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Excited About #olc15 & @vconnecting

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In case you missed this, we are virtually connecting at #olc15 – and there are opportunities to meet Phil Hill (and possibly Mike Feldstein) who author the e-Literate blog on Thursday Oct 15. This blog was one of my go-to places when I got interested in MOOCs and wanted to do research on the field. I am really excited to meet Phil and/or Mike. One of my first blogposts ever (We Are Nerds) was partly inspired by a post of Michael’s on differentiated engagement.

There are also opportunities to join our presentation (Rebecca Whitney and I) ABOUT virtually connecting on Wednesday – and get an opportunity to meet Whitney Kilgore, Cindy Jennings and Patrice Torcivia Prusko onsite afterwards. More details here.

I have a really special place in my heart for OLC. Back when they were called Sloan-C and published a journal called JALN, I published my first ever peer-reviewed paper there (2007!).

I also had my first awesome virtual conference experience at #et4online in 2014, followed by a wonderful opportunity to be on the steering committee of #et4online of 2015.

Attending a conference virtually and being able to connect with people onsite and enjoy it only whets my appetite to meet them in person and experience the full event from start to end. My disappointment at not attending #et4online this year was a big deal. Twitter back channels, while very helpful, was suddenly not enough. Rebecca saved me by suggesting the idea of connecting me to folks onsite via #et4buddy and we never imagined how far this small idea would go.

Lots of interesting stuff going on this week inshallah

Today we published on Prof Hacker some of our lessons learned from growing #et4buddy from 2 friends into Virtually Connecting with over 30 volunteers.

Tomorrow (Wed) we present about this at #olc15

Friday we present about it at #dlrn15 – and meet many awesome people

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