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I see from twitter that this is a big deal to you. Ur right in some ways, that there are parts of it common to just being human. But being human comes naturally to us, whereas caution, trust, security, etc. online is tricky, isn’t it? Plus ur not a citizen of ur own country anymore, ur exposed in other ways. I don’t believe a term like “global citizenship” for example is an automatic extension of just “citizenship” because there are contradictions, and citizenship means diff things to diff ppl (even in same country, right? But more so across borders).
So you may be right about the term enforcing a false dichotomy (so are many terms, really, that involve online and digital) but they help us have a common discourse about a sub-topic. Because, even the topic of “humanity” is not one we’ll agree on, and speaking about it as a “whole” is problematic.
I don’t always see digital citizenship spoken of in terms of control or technophobia but i get where ur coming from. Have you read Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother? Paranoid but definitely NOT technophpobic