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It’s an idea certainly worth playing with even as you are doing in thinking it out. Rebecca and Josie pointed out the logistical and behavioral challenges that might end up reinforcing the norms you typically speak out against.

And while you say that you ‘talk a lot” this setting is different from reading blog posts or watching archived talks. While it gets a bad rap painted as a “lecture” a single person’s perspective for a focussed amount of time, in front of a live audience, can be a way to get a focused message out there (thinking of the Horton/Freire conversation on exceptions to “charismatic leaders”).

I would say you are trying to pack a lot into the talk, that you might think more broadly. What if you could consider the talk to be the provocation / call to action that could then be carried out after the talk, in conversation on site, and the branching space online? My own hangup in choose your adventure is that often the outcomes are too predictable from the choices, and that in life ou decisions are more usually more complex than 3 choices.

Okay here is an idea. What if you opened with this idea that you thought about doing the keynote in this format; you could do one round to play it out as an example, and then use it as a jump off point to say why there are the very challenges you, Rebecca, and Josie pointed out? Most likely you can then talk about the very problems of dominant voices, leader choices, the distanced virtual audience…