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I think it is interesting, but think it would work better at DigPed then at OER … you are articulating one of the worries – in that people aren’t expecting a workshop for a keynote so they might feel cheated (not really cheated just disappointed at not hearing enough from you). I find that I want to hear more about your experience because that is something that I won’t hear elsewhere – like the realities of not being there in person and how different it is to be there in person – and the ways in which you were able to find your voice in temporal spaces – and the real challenges that you fact to actually be there in person.

In choose your own adventure, I would be afraid of it just amplifying the voices of the majority. People choosing what they are most comfortable with, rather than the provocations that they need to grow/learn. I’d also worry about the small group conversations being dominated by those with the loudest voices/most privilege, which I see way too often at conferences.

I think you have many great ideas here … one thing that I thought is that you could somehow show how you interact in temporal ways – and you could allow virtual people to actually ask you questions from the main stage screen – like have a few people in a hangout where the questions aren’t asked by someone in the room, but rather they are asked by someone who is also virtual (so instead of having someone in the room asking questions from twitter, have someone virtual ask them and have them be projected on the main stage screen) … just a random thought/idea …