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Love this post – lots to think about. It seems we are all a part of what Terry calls a recursive process – perhaps a meta-recursion, as we take each others words/ideas/thoughts and then create something that could not have existed without all of the previous people/ideas/thoughts. It’s all pretty cool.

I also like what Scott said: “Openness is a valuable thing because it allows you to say things that might be misunderstood.” Here I am, with all my faults and foibles. And now here I am, with more or different faults or foibles, but also some improvements. Me 2.0. With nothing hidden, there is less to be misjudged by.

I agree that we write with a combination of humility and confidence. We throw out our words into the wind and hope someone takes the time to listen to them. We place value on them, without assumption, but with hope.