Citizenship Workshop

This page provides resources for a workshop I’m giving about Critical Citizenship.

My article on critical citizenship; and my article on digital citizenship as empathy and social justice

Digital Narrative Games to play

Play each of these TWO games as follows:

  1. Spent — this game is about empathizing with poverty; you make choices and life hits you back. The game has an “ask a friend of a loan/help” feature that makes you post to social media, but you can use it and choose to not post the actual “asking” part.
  2. BBC Syrian Refugees — this game asks you to take on a role of a Syrian refugee and make decisions of how to escape and where to escape to and how. Play this one twice, taking different decisions each time

More such games can be found here.

Other activities I’ve used to promote citizenship-related values can be found here.

Workshop Slides

View the slides here.

(I forgot to put a license on them … still thinking; it’s not rocket science).

Useful References
Banks, J. A. (2008). Diversity, group identity, and citizenship education in a global age. Educational researcher, 37(3), 129-139.

Johnson, L., & Morris, P. (2010). Towards a framework for critical citizenship education. The Curriculum Journal, 21(1), 77-96.

Gerhart Center for Philanthropy and Civic Engagement (2011). Youth Activism and Public Space in Egypt. Retrieved from

Children’s books used in the workshop:


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